Eqvion The People-Friendly Currency

Simpler, Safer, Easier –Ease of use is at the core of everything we create, and Eqvion is designed to be both simple and useful

Personal Eqvion accounts:s

If your bank has an agreement with Eqvion, the bank can open a currency account for you with Eqvion as your chosen currency. The terms vary and are determined by the banks that you have made agreement with.


Eqvion accounts – make it easier:

Receiving or transferring money in Eqvion currency, like e.g. a euro account or a dollar account. It works the same manner as a ordinary currency account.

Global receivables – Global Payments: open up a new world around you. Ask your bank about the terms and conditions for your Eqvion account.

Eqvion when travelling

The movement of people between geographical locations is Travel, and we love travelling. Eqvion makes your journey easier and happier. It does not matter if you travel on foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, bus or airplane; Eqvion helps you to turn your travel into happy memories.

We live globally and we love travelling:
Your trip across the world with Eqvion helps you to turn travelling into delightful memories.

The Earth is our home and Eqvion is the local currency all over the world. Pay without exchange rates. Pay with your credit card, bank transfer or other established methods.

Eqvion on in-store or e-shopping

In-store and e-shopping is a part of our everyday life, and Eqvion as a global payment /pricing currency helps us to become global citizens and takes your shopping experience to new levels.

Eqvion – Taking your shopping to the Next Level
Universal pricing in Eqvion on goods and services gives you the opportunity to form a perception of its value, and at the same time it gives you a wonderful shopping experience.

Equal value throughout the world. Pay without exchange rates. Pay with your credit card, bank transfer or other established methods

Eqvion as Savings

Becoming the owner of an Eqvion is becoming the owner of a piece of the entire world economy, and your savings will before long be a part of the development of a national, regional or continental economy – your savings are part of the whole world’s economic development

Eqvion’s savings philosophy in brief. Your savings with their value development are reflected in the global market development. Eqvion is probably the best savings-form created so far, because it reflects the actual value of your money both now and in the future.

Eqvion – The People-Friendly Currency.

Eqvion is a Digital Currency (digital money, electronic money or electronic currency) and available only in Digital Form.

The exchange rate of Eqvion is based on the (EGCI) and it is completely independent of the amount of trading in the Eqvion currency. Eqvion is not nationally bound and therefore it reflects the development in the international economics. The exchange rate is presented primarily in Euro and U.S. dollars and then in the other national currencies

Eqvion can be issued exclusively with the exchange of any national currency at its current exchange rate and may be reversed into any national currency. The value in Eqvion is determined by the world economy and has higher stability than any national currency. Our independent advisors and auditors are responsible for monitoring and ensuring that Eqvion has the genuine value.

The base for Eqvion is the International economic situation and taking into account historical global economic growth it is an indicator the development rate of exchange. Eqvion’s huge difference from national currencies is that it is free from currency intervention by national banks or any currency manipulation by other actors.

International pricing and payment currency, equal to Euro, US Dollar, Renminbi, Eqvion is the base currency of world trade. Eqvion’s advantage is that it makes the global market as easy to manage as the domestic market.