The Business-Friendly Currency

– Eqvion – your business grow abroad by eliminating barriers to international payments.

Corporate Eqvion accounts

If your bank has an agreement with Eqvion, then the bank can open a currency account with Eqvion as your chosen currency. Terms vary and are determined by the respective bank that your company has an agreement with.”


What are the benefits?

Receiving or transferring money in Eqvion currency works like e.g. a euro account or a dollar account. It works the same as a regular corporate currency account.

Incoming and outgoing payments are made in the same currency on the account, and you can easier handle the currency risk. You don’t have to pay any exchange fee.

Global receivables – Global Payments: open for new business opportunities to make your business global

Pricing in Eqvion

Pricing is the process whereby a business sets the price at which it will sell its products and services, and the price is best in a genuinely global currency. Stability, availability and value-saving create environment for long-term business development.

What are the benefits?

Operations-oriented pricing:

Long-term production and business planning.

Customer-oriented pricing:

Price stability and signalling for long-term business cooperation.

Socially-oriented pricing:

Local and global presence with genuine participation in global society development.”

Eqvion in Export/Import

Export and Import is the international trade that drives globalisation, develops civil society and brings people closer. Eqvion is a global currency and independent of regional, political, religious, cultural, differences and with focus on trade and global development

What are the benefits?

Managing risk: A Business relationship without currency risks.”.

Value stability: Eqvion is a value-hedging currency and benefits all parties.

Home currency: As a global currency, Eqvion is at the same time the home currency for all of us.

International Business Agreements:

An international business agreement is a business agreement between two or more companies or states to co-operate in a specific and limited, way sharing resources. Eqvion as a global currency is a natural choice as first currency agreement.

What are the benefits?

Long-term value stability – International business agreements: Prices in Eqvion guarantee value-stability over long periods, 10-30 years or longer.

Eqvion is less dependent on geopolitical or national relationships: The events that occur after the contracting parties have entered into the agreement have less negative effects on the agreement.

A new category of currency.

Eqvion is a genuine global currency – not because of its designation it is global currency because of the global value built into Eqvion.

Eqvion is a Digital Currency (digital money, electronic money or electronic currency) and available only in Digital Form.

Floating exchange rate: The exchange rate of Eqvion is based on the (EGCI) and it is completely independent of the amount of trading in the Eqvion currency. Eqvion is not nationally bound, and therefore it reflects the development in the international economics. The exchange rate is presented primarily in Euro, U.S. dollars, Renminbi and then in the other national currencies.

Genuine value: Eqvion can be issued exclusively with the exchange of any national currency at its current exchange rate and may be reversed into any national currency. The value in Eqvion is determined by the world economy and has higher stability than any national currency. Our independent advisors and auditors are responsible for monitoring and ensuring that Eqvion has the genuine value.

Global pricing and payment currency: International pricing and payment currency equal to: Euro, U.S. dollars, Renminbi Eqvion is the World trade base currency. Eqvion´s advantage is that it makes the global market as easy to handle as the home market.

Store value: The base for Eqvion is the International economic situation and taking into account historical global economic growth it is an indicator of the development rate of the exchange. Eqvions huge difference from national currencies is that it is free from currency intervention by national banks or any currency manipulation by other actors.