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no matter who you are, where you live, what you do, or how much you own. We believe that people and businesses should have access to a common digital currency and financial services to support their lives and work.

Eqvion - the future and equality

Eqvion is a Digital Currency (digital money, electronic money or electronic currency) and available only in Digital Form.

Eqvion is created to be used in existing bank accounts, payment infrastructures and complies with the international regulations.

Eqvion is a genuine global currency – because the currency base is in the world’s economy.

Eqvion is true value based currency and with individual value in each Eqvion unit.

The exchange rate of Eqvion is based on the (EGCI) and it is completely independent of the amount of trading in the Eqvion currency. 

The exchange rate is presented primarily in Euro, Renminbi, U.S. dollars and then in the other national currencies.

Independent Eqvion is not nationally bound, and therefore it reflects the development in the international economics.

Eqvion is free from currency interventions by national banks or currency manipulation by other actors

Eqvion makes the global market as easy to handle as the home market

International pricing and payment currency equal to: Euro, U.S. dollars, Renminbi 

The currency Eqvion has its origins in EMI Eqvion (electronic money institution and issuer) – as Digital Base Money and based on the corresponding value in the global economy. According to law and regulation EMI (Electronic Money Institution and Issuer)- EMI Eqvion is under national supervision and complies with national and international legislation as well as currency rules and standards.
Eqvion can be issued exclusively with the exchange of any national currency at its current (EGCI) exchange rate and may be reversed into any national currency.

The Eqvion framework and the directive are under internal/external audit and are under national regulatory authorities and corresponding authorities worldwide, as well as other international industry organizations and industry standards.