– value based digital currency- 

Independent value based digital base many and digital currency created for use in existing bank/payment infrastructure, based on equivalent value in the global economy and available worldwide.

We are in a time of the fastest technological development in human history. Leading development in the finnace industry is an exciting and profitable position. Our product digital base money is of the same importance for the world’s finance industry as the development and implementation of AI in the world’s industry or the transition to electric vehicles in the car industry.

Eqvion as a new category of currency meets the market’s need for a digital currency that they can actually use in their everyday life and business. With the introduction of Eqvion technology, we contribute to global security, reduce eco-crimes, strengthen trust in banking – payment services, protect our customers – our customers’ customers and our investors/owners.

Eqvion technology and framework is fully developed and ready for license application for EMI (institution for electronic money or a registered issuer).


(Q4-2023) Location of our head office for  Eqvion:
– we have two main candidates, final selection in Q1- 2024

(Q1-Q2: 2024) Welcome as a new investor and share our future as an owner team member, investing in a good company and business is a good decision.

invest in a good business

Work with Eqvion framework is fully developed and digital base money and value-based currency ready for application by EMI (institution for electronic money or a registered issuer) according to requirements of Supervisory Authority of Sweden/EU-lender, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK) and we working to meet China and USA legislation and regulatory requirements.

wbw logic AB has started the spin-off of the Eqvion business. The newly formed Eqvion company will be called  Eqvion and, as an independent company, will have full responsibility for running and developing the business.