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Current: Work on site selection for new Eqvion corporate headquarters and operations center

(Q1-Q2: 2024) we welcome new investors/partners

Eqvion company’s mission is to issue and operate global digital base money and the currency Eqvion, we base our business on operating Eqvion-EMI (electroic money institution or a registered issuer) as an integral part of global finnace infrastructure.

Eqvion company will become a global provider of the digital currency and we wanted to offer our products and services worldwide. In accordance with international regulations, we want to offer our customers the opportunity to use our service and the Eqvion currency in the home market as well as in trade with customers in other countries that have adopted our service and the Eqvion currency.

Eqvion company is a privately owned company with plans for an IPO within 5-6 years. Our technology and operations enable the establishment of a long-term, fast-growing, profitable global company.