Welcome to the information page for new investors

Our technology enables the creation of genuine global digital money and creates the conditions for the further development of a global economy without barriers. We supply traditional finance industries with digital currency and enable them to follow developments and stay relevant for times to come.

Eqvion is the most innovative company in the financial industry and the upcoming fastest growing and most profitable company in the world.

It's Eqvion


Global, independent, value-based digital money and currency Eqvion responds to global challenges better than CBDCs and Cryptocurrencies


Equation’s framework enables the issuance of Equation according to global demand with individual value for each Eqvion unit. Eqvion technology and framework is fully developed and ready for license application for EMI (institution for electronic money or a registered issuer).


Commercial banks and central banks worldwide


Eqvion is designed to be a global digital currency (the world currency) Our market includes people and companies in: 7 Continents, 195+ Countries and a Population of 7.888+ billion..

Low risk

Our ability to manage risks for our owners, companies and customers is one of the strongest investment arguments, Eqvion is created to have the lowest exposure to risks


The company wants to find its place among the top five companies in the world within the next five years.

Value creation

Eqvion is alone in being able to retain value over time, creating new opportunities for people and companies which in turn will benefit the company for many years to come.

wbw logic AB has started the spin-off of the entire Eqvion business. The newly formed company will be called  Eqvion and will have full responsibility for running and developing the business. 

Time frame

Construction time and operational start within 18 months, self-financing achieved during the 36 months start-up time included. It should be seen as a framework for operations.

Planned investment

Expected investment needs are between 1,800 - 2,600 M€. Interval is expected because we are increasing industry standards and that we have three of our five departments that are under the supervision of authority requirements which will affect construction and operation guarantees.

The assessment of investors

We have limited ability to offer investment opportunities to new investors due to the individual assessment of each investor by regulatory authorities in accordance with national legislation. In connection with the EMI license application, the supervisory authority makes the assessment of investors, board members and the management of the company.

By adding new revenue opportunities to existing global banking/payment infrastructure and without new investment for operating companies, we are creating our own place in the financial industry