Our technology enables the issuance of global digital base money and the creation of new global companies.

Eqvion the world’s first
digital base money

“This is a unique time”:
Our product development is complete and the construction of the operations center is being prepared. It gives you a better understanding about risks – growth potential. Not Too EarlyNot Too Late 

We are the world’s leading company in the development of the new generation of digital currencies,


request for contact or expression of interest

if you want to register your interest or if you have any questions about please send your questions to ir@eqvion.com,
Note, if you are a journalist please contact us at press@eqvion.com, thank you for your understanding

To new investors: In accordance with national legislation at the Eqvion EMI license application, the regulatory authority makes assessments of investors, board members and the management of the company.

We are working to create a global company 

We are working to create a global company to take advantage of the global demand for digital currency. Eqvion technology positions us as a main provider of global digital base money – the digital currency for the world’s economy.

24 months to full operation start is remarkably short for a larger project, it is made possible by the fact that our product is fully developed and we do not have to lose time and invest money with product development.

The Eqvion framework is fully developed and ready for application for EMI as required by the regulatory authority in (Sweden/EU, Switzerland, UK ) and we are working to meet China and US legislation and regulatory requirements.


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