by creator of Eqvion

Eqvion is created to reduce the gap between the development of global society and the willingness of people and companies to follow it and take advantage of the opportunities that development provides.

Our answer is a new category of currencies that meet the need in an efficient and elegant way, created for existing infrastructure, legislation, regulations and and completely without fees, a global financial instrument that preserves the value in the long term and reflects the development of the global economy.

We are working to create a global company to take advantage of
global demand for digital currency. Corporations that control the world’s currency will have proportional value and influence relative to the role it plays in the world economy.

Fdr. Emir Crnkic



Digital base money and digital currency Eqvion

  • Eqvion is an independent genuine value currency
  • Individual value of each Eqvion unit
  • Created for use in existing bank payment infrastructure
  • Monitored by national and international regulatory authorities
  • Floating exchange rate, 


As a digital base money and currency supplier, we take advantage of existing banking/payment infrastructure to be able to establish our global business. Over 95% of countries and commercial banks already have regulation/infrastructure that favors Eqvion

Our customers

  • Central Bank,
  • Commercial Bank,

Our end users

  • Private customers
  • Business customers

company, capacity and responsibility

The Eqvion company is structured according to industry standards and is responsible for the operation of the EMI (Electronic Money and Registered Emissions Institution). 
The company has the capacity to issue Eqvion (base money/currency) according to global demand.

As a global company with responsibility for our customers and users our organization is structured according to industry standards.

We take into account our: social, environmental impact, human rights and actively contribute to our common future

costs, revenue, profit

Our cost structure is divided into company operating costs and expansion costs.

All service to our customers is free of charge.
We have no direct income from Eqvion caraenci and we cannot use Eqvion for internal financing.
Our income is indirect and is directly tied to the total amount of existing Eqvion.

request for contact or expression of interest

if you want to register your interest or if you have any questions about please send your questions to ir@eqvion.com,
Note, if you are a journalist please contact us at press@eqvion.com, thank you for your understanding

General information for potential investors is publicly available on our website. We regret that we have not provided information on: share price, annual costs, revenue, relative costs, dividends, etc. non-respondents in these “summaries of our business”. Thank you for understanding