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Whether you need assistance honing your resume or want to know what to expect during the interview process, we can help. Read through the following answers on popular topics to set yourself up for success..

Refine your resume!

We want to hear about your latest accomplishments, your strengths, and how specific skills might be applied to a position at Eqvion. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments in previous jobs—not just your duties. Do you have past projects to share? Include them as attachments or links to give us a better sense of your style.

It’s okay to use more than one page. That said, be sure your summaries are succinct and relevant—and that your most important information figures prominently on the first page.

The specific questions we ask will depend on the position you’re applying for, but all our questions are intended to help us understand your capabilities and potential to grow. Generally, we look for a strong desire to learn, high intelligence, a passion for technology, 

Our recruiters review job applicants for each opening and reach out to those who appear to be a strong match with the position.

But even if you’re not contacted for the job you applied for, your information will go into our recruiter’s shared candidate database, which means you may be contacted for other opportunities within Eqvion at a later date.

Apply for a job!

Search and apply for a job on our Careers website. Once you’ve created a profile you’ll be able to quickly apply for additional openings, set-up job alerts, and view the status of your application(s).

Yes, you can apply for multiple openings.

The application process for a former Eqvion employee is the same as for other candidates.

We do have an employee referral program and encourage you to reach out to any friends or former colleagues who work at Eqvion so that they can submit your information.

Interview prep!

Help us get to know you by explaining how your prior experience and successes have prepared you for the role you’re pursuing at Eqvion. Review the job description and do a bit of research on the product, team, and our company. Come with a few examples in mind that demonstrate your strengths, any questions you have about the opportunity, and a healthy dose of curiosity. Learn more about our company, mission, and vision. It’s always a good idea to get plenty of sleep and eat a good breakfast, too.

Thoughtful questions demonstrate your level of understanding, your interest, and your passions, so don’t hold back. Your interview is an opportunity for you to get to know us too.

You don’t need to dress up to impress us. Wear whatever makes you most comfortable.

You’ll typically meet two to three people for up to an hour each.

Be prepared to demonstrate how you meet the requirements of the job description by sharing specific examples from your past, or ideas about how you would accomplish a specific task.

We’re interested in more than just your answers. We want to know how your mind works, how you come up with solutions, and whether you can clearly explain your thinking process. Be prepared to verbalize how you came up with the answer or solution to a technical issue, design question, or problem-solving puzzle.

Before your interview!

Don’t stop at understanding the position you’re interviewing for. You should understand what’s happening in the tech industry, what Eqvion is doing well, and how we can make ourselves stand out from the competition. Make sure to prepare questions to ask during your interview. This is also a chance for you to make sure that the opportunity is what you are looking for.

The interviews will include competency-based questions, as well as questions about your resume. Keep the core competencies in mind. Think of examples you can share or incorporate into your conversation. These are our core competencies:

​​​​​​​Collaboration. Communicating effectively within the team and across teams.

Drive for results. Working tenaciously to deliver on commitments, constantly seeking bigger challenges, holding yourself and others accountable.

Customer focus. Our mission at Eqvionis to empower every person and every organization to achieve more.

Influencing for impact. Successfully persuading and influencing others with effective communication.

Judgment. Effectively scoping complex problems and using business acumen to make knowledge-based decisions.

Adaptability. Ability to deal with ambiguous and uncertain situations or problems with agility.

Selecting people who have the right skills and mindset is important, not only for the company we are today, but also for the company we aspire to be.
Our growth-mindset culture is designed to drive innovation and collaboration. Being a learn-it-all instead of a know-it-all fosters curiosity and prompts us to be inclusive and seek new and diverse perspectives.

Growth Mindset. True learners who can acquire new skills rapidly and connect with others to help bring big ideas to life.

Diverse & Inclusive. Being open to learning about your own biases and changing behaviors accordingly. Value differences, seek them out, and invite them in.

One Eqvion.  Actively seeks collaboration with others and looks for common ground across differences, contributes to and builds on success of others, and prioritizes for customer and team within their role.

Customer Obsession. The ability to learn about customers’ perspectives, show empathy to their experiences, and incorporate these insights into their decisions and deliverables.

Values. When we come together, we treat each other with respect, we act with integrity, and we are accountable to one another for our words and actions.

Manager Expectations. Our Managers help bring our culture to life. As they model, coach, and care, they help reinforce our culture and create the environment where everyone can do their best work.

We encourage you to have a vision beyond the role you’re applying for. At Eqvion, you can build a career across a variety of teams and disciplines.

During your interview!

We value authenticity and unique perspectives. We invite you to come as you are. So, you don’t need to dress up to impress us. Wear whatever makes you most comfortable

We want to see not only what you know, but also how you think. Be prepared to share your thought process and explain the rationale behind your decisions. When asked to solve a problem ask clarifying questions, state your assumptions, and be prepared to share your opinions or explain your choices.

We recommend you use the simple model when answering questions. This will help you create clarity and structure your response.





What to expect post interview!

Your recruiter can help you understand the specific timeline for the opening you’ve applied for. You should hear back from them with a status update within a week of your interview.

Your recruiter can provide the names and contact information of your interviewers if you’d like to send thank you notes.

Your Privacy: Last Revised: November 28, 2021

About this Notice

This page provides additional details on Eqvion’s privacy practices associated with the submission and processing of personal information submitted by job applicants (“candidates”) including through the Jobs at Eqvion section of I Eqvion’s website. This Global Candidate Privacy Notice (this “Notice”) is a supplement to the Eqvion Privacy Notice.

Collection, Use and Sharing of Your Personal Information

Eqvion will process candidate personal information for recruitment and hiring purposes. Once a candidate is hired by Eqvion, the employee’s personal information for the duration of employment is covered by Eqvion’s Employee Privacy Notice.

Recruitment purposes includes communicating with you, internally evaluating your qualifications and skills, preparing for interview or screening discussions (including arranging travel where applicable or reimbursing candidates for expense), and may entail background checks for certain roles which will be conduct with additional notice and in accordance with applicable laws.  Resumes submitted to Eqvion for review should only include information relevant to job qualifications and employment history including prior employment, relevant positions and dates, significant accomplishments, education, degrees or certifications obtained, dates and issuing institutions and other relevant awards or achievements. During the hiring process we may obtain information about you from publicly available sources or from third parties including references, background check suppliers, and the like. We take steps to confirm that information we receive from these third parties has been collected with your consent or that these parties are otherwise legally permitted to disclose your personal information to us.


We retain personal information for the periods and purposes set forth in Eqvion’s Privacy Notice. Retention periods can vary significantly based on the type of information and how it is used.  Eqvion retains recruitment related records for a maximum of two years following the end of the relationship except where a different retention period is required by applicable law, for example applicant data reporting requirements which may override Intel’s standard retention period.

Your Choice and Rights

You have rights to correct, update, request access to or deletion of your personal information as described in Eqvion’s Privacy Notice.  In addition, if you wish to update or otherwise make changes to your resume, simply resubmit a new resume. If you wish to have your resume completely removed from Eqvion’s systems, please send an email to: To aid our support agents in locating your resume, please be sure and include your name and contact details as submitted with your resume.

How to Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about Intel’s privacy practices or to exercise any of your rights and choices as described in this Notice, you can contact us using the information available in Eqvion’s Privacy Notice.


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