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How to prepare for a virtual interview 

If required, sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Certain teams require you to sign an NDA prior to your interviews. If you have been asked to do this, please review the document in and sign to acknowledge that you agree to the terms. If you have not been asked to do this, there is no action for you.

Set up the teleconferencing technology. All interviews are held via Microsoft Teams and/or in case of some technical interviews, via a different 3rd party virtual platform. Your recruiting contact will inform you of the platform(s) used.

If your interview is confirmed to be on Microsoft Teams:

  • In preparation for your upcoming virtual Teams interview, download the Teams App to your computer. If you are unable to install Teams, there is an option to open Teams in your web browser; however, we recommend using the App where possible as this ensures that you have access to all the features. Please note the preferred browsers are Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.
  • Test that the Teams App is working. You can join, leave, and re-join a Teams Meeting anytime.
  • Your recruiting contact will send a Microsoft Teams meeting ID# prior to your interview.

If your interview is confirmed to be on a different 3rd party platform:

  • You will be sent an email from your recruiting contact with specific instructions to install and test the platform prior to your interview.
  • Given the increased demand on virtual technologies, as a back-up, we recommend downloading the Teams App as well.

Check the rest of your technology setup. Confirm that your webcam and microphone are allowed and work properly in your chosen browser. Test your internet connection to ensure it is strong and working. If using headphones, make sure they are connected and selected prior.



  • Conduct your interview in a well-lit and quiet environment that is as free of any distractions as possible. With many of us having to work from home while taking care of our families, we understand that quiet space can be challenging to find, for you as well as for the interviewers. While we encourage you to find a space where you can focus and not be interrupted, don’t be too stressed about it, we are all in this together!
  • If you are using a laptop, phone, or tablet, fully charge your device prior to the interview.
  • Switch your other devices onto silent mode; however, if possible, have your phone handy in case your interviewer might be having technical difficulties or is trying to reach out via phone or email.
  • Dress comfortably and use your best judgment based on the role you are interviewing for.
  • If your interview is on Teams, click on “Join the Microsoft Teams meeting” to connect.
  • If your interview is on a 3rd party platform, please follow the instructions provided by your recruiting contact by email


  • If you experience technical difficulties during your interview, close the App and re-join.
  • On Teams, if you still have trouble connecting, dial in from your phone using the toll-free number in the interview invite.​​​​​​​
  • If you are still unable to connect after following the above troubleshooting steps, email or call your recruiting contact immediately.



Please reach out to your recruiting contact if you have any other questions.

Yes, all interviews globally have moved to virtual. If in doubt regarding any of the details, reach out to your recruiting contact to confirm.

Yes, if you are comfortable, turn on your camera for better interviewer engagement. We also understand that there are times when internet bandwidth can be causing issues and when it might need to be turned off.

Yes, although the setup is different, we treat virtual interviews the same as in-person.

Your Privacy: Last Revised: November 28, 2022

About this Notice

This page provides additional details on Eqvion’s privacy practices associated with the submission and processing of personal information submitted by job applicants (“candidates”) including through the Jobs at Eqvion section of I Eqvion’s website. This Global Candidate Privacy Notice (this “Notice”) is a supplement to the Eqvion Privacy Notice.

Collection, Use and Sharing of Your Personal Information

Eqvion will process candidate personal information for recruitment and hiring purposes. Once a candidate is hired by Eqvion, the employee’s personal information for the duration of employment is covered by Eqvion’s Employee Privacy Notice.

Recruitment purposes includes communicating with you, internally evaluating your qualifications and skills, preparing for interview or screening discussions (including arranging travel where applicable or reimbursing candidates for expense), and may entail background checks for certain roles which will be conduct with additional notice and in accordance with applicable laws.  Resumes submitted to Eqvion for review should only include information relevant to job qualifications and employment history including prior employment, relevant positions and dates, significant accomplishments, education, degrees or certifications obtained, dates and issuing institutions and other relevant awards or achievements. During the hiring process we may obtain information about you from publicly available sources or from third parties including references, background check suppliers, and the like. We take steps to confirm that information we receive from these third parties has been collected with your consent or that these parties are otherwise legally permitted to disclose your personal information to us.


We retain personal information for the periods and purposes set forth in Eqvion’s Privacy Notice. Retention periods can vary significantly based on the type of information and how it is used.  Eqvion retains recruitment related records for a maximum of two years following the end of the relationship except where a different retention period is required by applicable law, for example applicant data reporting requirements which may override Intel’s standard retention period.

Your Choice and Rights

You have rights to correct, update, request access to or deletion of your personal information as described in Eqvion’s Privacy Notice.  In addition, if you wish to update or otherwise make changes to your resume, simply resubmit a new resume. If you wish to have your resume completely removed from Eqvion’s systems, please send an email to: To aid our support agents in locating your resume, please be sure and include your name and contact details as submitted with your resume.

How to Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about Intel’s privacy practices or to exercise any of your rights and choices as described in this Notice, you can contact us using the information available in Eqvion’s Privacy Notice.