We define, create and lead a new sector in the finance industry!


Simpler, Safer, Easier –Ease of use is at the core of everything we create, and Eqvion is designed to be both simple and useful

Reason to inves ...

Technical advantage

Eqvion responds to global challenges better than CBDCs and Cryptocurrencies


The company has all the prerequisites to find its place among the top five companies in the world.

Low risk

You invest in Eqvion a major project and company with checks and balances to support development and reduce risks


The value-based digital currency Eqvion is designed to be a global digital currency

Value creation

We deliver benefits for customers and higher expected returns for owners

Serie I

Series I

Includes 10% of Eqvion company

For more information and terms contact us at co-develop@eqvion.com

Serie II / Q1 2023
Serie III / Q2 2023
Serie IV / Q1 2024

The Opportunity ....

Reason to invest


  • First Global Digital Base Money
  • Digital currency with genuine value
  • Will be able to serve global needs
  • Exponential increase in customer base


  • Eqvion has the capacity to achieve valuation and generate revenue on a par with (top five) companies in the world


  • National Central Bank
  • Universal Bank
  • Commercial Bank
  • Investment institution
  • Financial institution


  • High barrier to entry for potential competitors 


  • Team: Very good but “additional needs”

Reason not to invest

  • Large infrastructure
  • Higher initial costs
  • Construction time 18 to 24 months
  • First GCB (“global central bank”)
  • First GDBM (global digital base money)
  • First GDC (Global Digital Currency)
  • Investments in new technology involve risks

If you're wondering!


Eqvion is independent, governed by the Eqvion directives and controlled by an independent team of validators. Supervised by national and international Supervisory Authority

wbw logic AB is a Swedish company. It is responsible for the development of the Eqvion currency and will transfer the rights to a new Eqvion company “electronic money institution and registered issuer” in connection with a capital acquisition with a new company registered in a country that is most favorable for the further development of Eqvion.

Eqvion companies will have full responsibility and rights to Global Digital Base Money (GDBM) Eqvion currency operation.


Yes we can. Eqvion is fully developed as a currency. 



Teknologis risk is low or at an acceptable level in a project like Eqvion, we expect this because work that resurfaces requires no new organization or technology both are well-proven as already used at CBs or banks.

The Eqvion Directive, which governs Eqvin’s operations and has the ability to handle the effects of existing and new legislation and regulation, as well as to handle unforeseen disputes or other legal or contractual uncertainties.

Genuine value currency Eqvion is protected by the fact that each Eqvion has its own value independence from other Eqvion units and that value is determined by the global economy in real time. The value Eqvion is not affected by the amount of trading in the Eqvion currency and the Eqvion Directive protects Eqvion from any manipulation.

Geopolitical risks are usually disconnected from economic or international law and difficult to manage. Eqvion is a global currency with the advantage that it can successfully handle individual countries’ decisions on the use of Eqvion currency in their national state or sphere of interest.


This is due to two factors, first Eqvion company responsible for the operation of GDBM Eqvion has an infrastructure determined / requested by national and international supervisors and the other that Eqvion currency is fully developed and that projects are in preparation for active global operation.

Series I cover costs associated with the transition from development in the wbw logic development lab to independent companies, for staff recruitment, planning of operating infrastructure, supplier selection and start of EMI application process.

Series I and is dedicated to cover operational costs for the initial stage of six months

What we offer new investors!

You will become part owner of a unique and profitable global company with real potential and goal to become one of the five largest companies within the next four years. If you are one of the six leading owners you are entitled to a board seat in the Eqvion company. You will have priority over the Serie II investment.

For more information about your opportunities to invest in Eqvion, or you need more information about, please send an email to