The News

>> DBM Eqvion is closer to decision to our home place: GB/London, Singapore, Sweden,Switzerland are places we have in our foxus right now!

>> DBM Eqvion invites new investors and expressions of interest for new investors are available.

Investor Relations

The Board of Directors and management of DBM Eqvion have long recognized the importance of corporate governance practices that help ensure an environment of effective oversight and strong accountability.

As one of our key Business Principles states: “Our assets are our people, capital and reputation, and if any of these is ever diminished, the last is the most difficult to restore.”

Eqvion White Paper

This document describes our plans for a new Global Digital Base Money (GDBM) with value based currency Eqvion, which aims to create a new opportunity for people and companies and creates a responsible innovation in the financial industry.

New investors

wbw logic AB has started the spin-off process of the GDBM Eqvion operation. The newly formed Eqvion company will be called Eqvion and will have full responsibility for operating and developing operations. 

Declaration of interest

The relationship will be regulated in Eqvion company “Articles of association” according to applicable law and with the presence of all the founders

IF you have questions about our work, want to receive information about investment terms, please contact us at

Eqvion welcome new investors

General founder meeting

Eqvion is created to reduce the gap between the development of global society and the willingness of people and companies to follow it and take advantage of the opportunities that development provides

Foundation of global company GDBM Eqvion will invite to the general meeting of all investors to sign the articles of association.

wbw logic AB will inform selected investors about the time and place of the general meeting

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