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by creator of Eqvion

Eqvion is created to reduce the gap between the development of global society and the willingness of people and companies to follow it and take advantage of the opportunities that development provides.

Our answer is a new category of currencies that meet the need in an efficient and elegant way, created for existing infrastructure, legislation, regulations and and completely without fees, a global financial instrument that preserves the value in the long term and reflects the development of the global economy.

In addition to social, economic, humanitarian improvements that we have created and support. We have indirectly created the conditions for a global company with the capacity to find itself among the 5 largest companies with dividend yield, growth and stability both for our users, customers and owners.

Emir Crnkic
Chairman of the Board and CEO,  

summary of investment offer


This offer includes 2 000 shares

You can subscribe for shares in:

  • shares package of 5
  • shares package of 10
  • shares package of 50
  • shares package of 100
  • shares package of 200

Please note that this is a private offer and as a result of the spin-off of wbw logic AB into a separate company with Eqvion operations. You will be registered as a co-owner according to current legislation.

The Offer will not be followed up with the Prospectus.

The relationship will be regulated in Eqvion company “Articles of association” according to applicable law and with the presence of all the founders

The total number of shares in the Eqvion company is 10,000 and will not be diluted with new shares to protect the interests of the founders from share dilution. Our creator and main owner has reserved his own 2,500 shares to new and current investors if such a situation arises dedicated to company operations.

The Company’s shares shall be registered in a central securities depository register pursuant to the Central Securities Depositories and Financial Instruments Accounts Act 

Declaration of interest

if you want to register your interest or if you have questions about: conditions, share price, articles of association, founders, location of company, planned start-up, please send your questions to ir@eqvion.com, Note that we answer to investors who we can verify as serious buyers. if you are a journalist please contact us at press@eqvion.com, thank you for your understanding

summary of our business


GDBM Eqvion
Global Digital Base Money 

Currency Eqvion
Genuine value currency


  • Eqvion is an independent genuine value currency
  • Individual value of each Eqvion unit
  • Created for use in existing bank payment infrastructure
  • Monitored by national and international regulatory authorities
  • Capacity to issue units of Equion according to global demand
  • Floating exchange rate, 


Our markets are global and at the same time local, consisting of 195 countries with their economy and population. We plan to provide service to each and every one and in cooperation in between encompassed in a global market

As a global and local currency provider, we take advantage of being present in countries with greater acceptance of digital currency.
Over 60% of countries and commercial banks already have regulation/infrastructure that favors Eqvion

Our direct customers

Central Bank,
Commercial Bank,
Financial institutions

Our indirect customers

Private customers
Business customers

company departments

Eqvion EMI/ Central account
responsible for: Iinstitution for electronic money and registered issues

EGCI index
responsible for: determination of the Eqvion exchange rate

Global eqvion Participation
responsible for: global expansion and marketing

Global exchange
responsible for: Fiat currencies and Eqvion

Technical platform
responsible for: IT infrastructure and staffing

As a global company with responsibility for our customers and users, international and local legislation, we have set up an organization according to the industry’s standards, global availability and management structure. We take into account: social, environmental impact, human rights and our common future

costs, revenue, profit

Our operation has a cost structure proportional to our activity, large expenses for: global contour network, technical platform, staffing, at the same time all our service is free of charge for our customers and end users.

The Eqvion directives must be followed without exception and used as guidelines for our business, while the basis of our income is created according to them.

We have no direct income for Eqvion caraenci and we cannot use Eqvion for internal financing (One of Eqvion’s directives “Eqvion can be issued exclusively with the exchange of any national currency, at its current exchange rate, and may be reversed into any national currency “).

Our income is a consequence of Eqvion existence equala in relation to the number of existing Eqvion and 4 to 6% annually expressed in fiat currency

Expected profit for the first operating year is four to five times annual operating cost. note, profit occurs three years after the company was started

We regret that we have provided a lot of critical information about: share price, annual costs for operating GDBM Eqvion, income, relative costs, income, dividends, etc. non-responders in these “summary of our business”. The introduction for potential investors is publicly available on our website and we are a private company responsible to the regulatory authority and our owners, thank you for your understanding